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Discussions of Africa/African Culture 1 Aug-09-15
Alternative Medicine 1 Jul-15-15
ANSI Graphics and Animation 1000 Nov-21-18
Babylon 5 Discussions 0 N/A
Advertisments for Bulletin Board Systems 137 Feb-04-19
Bulletin Board Philosophy & promoting th 80 Aug-27-18
Beyond Human Understanding 239 Aug-27-18
All Things British 0 N/A
For-Sale Conference 4 Apr-08-16
Canadian Chat 0 N/A
Car and Driving Talk 5 Aug-12-15
Friendly Talk 1000 Feb-16-19
Hosts' Bar and Grill 1 Aug-09-15
Jokes and Funny Stuff 595 Feb-17-19
Consulting 0 N/A
Bicycles and Motorcycles 0 N/A
Database 0 N/A
Desktop Publishing 0 N/A
DOS Help 2 Dec-26-16
Electronic Gadgets 22 Apr-29-18
Movie Reviews and Discussion and TV 131 Aug-27-18
Fantasy and Science Fiction 1 Aug-01-17
Food and Drink 0 N/A
General finances discussion 0 N/A
General Gaming 8 Aug-27-18
Gay and Lesbian Issues 10 Mar-16-16
Amateur Radio 1000 Feb-17-19
Helping the Handicapped and their Caregi 0 N/A
Computer Hardware 53 Oct-10-17
General Health Issues 1 Apr-19-18
History Discussions 0 N/A
Home and Garden Issues 4 Mar-01-18
Host and Caller Discussions 6 May-02-16
Hosts' Conference 37 Dec-09-18
HTML Programming (Web Page Creation) 0 N/A
ILink Net Sysops Conference 204 Feb-12-19
ILink Information 57 Sep-20-18
Discussions about the Internet 0 N/A
Jewish Culture 0 N/A
Support and chit-chat area for Kids 0 N/A
Language 0 N/A
Law 0 N/A
Men's 1 Aug-09-15
Military Discussions 1 Aug-09-15
Microsoft Office (etc.) 0 N/A
Music of All Types 8 Aug-27-18
Wildlife and Outdoors 0 N/A
ILink Network Administration 1 Apr-09-15
Networks and Networking 0 N/A
Support for New People to networking and 11 Mar-11-18
Online and Offline Mail Discussions 0 N/A
Personal Opinions 0 N/A
IBM OS/2 Operating System 1 Feb-11-18
Discussion of Various Operating Environm 0 N/A
Parents and Education Issues 0 N/A
Living with Animals 0 N/A
General Photography 2 Dec-28-15
Political Discussions 1 Aug-09-15
General Programming Languages 0 N/A
Learning How Our Minds Work 1 Aug-09-15
Support for Recovery from Addictions 0 N/A
Married, Single and/or Divorced 0 N/A
Religion 411 Feb-17-19
Firearms, Fishing and Related Topics 0 N/A
Support for Abuse/Crime Victims 0 N/A
Scandinavian Conference 0 N/A
Science and Engineering 1 Aug-09-15
Issues of Retirement and Aging 1 Aug-09-15
Shareware Software and Reviews 0 N/A
Kicking it in the Butt 0 N/A
Making and Listening to Music 0 N/A
TV and Movie Spoilers 0 N/A
Sports Talk 0 N/A
Star Trek 5 Mar-17-16
Sysops' Issues 115 Dec-31-18
Computer Technology 0 N/A
Trans-Atlantic Chatter 0 N/A
All Kinds of Trivia 20 Jun-04-18
The Unix Operating System 82 Dec-09-18
Computer Viruses 342 Feb-15-19
Vendor Support: WildCat! BBS 25 Feb-16-19
Microsoft Windows 169 Jan-17-18
Women's Issues 0 N/A
Word Perfect and other Corel products 0 N/A
Writers and Writing 0 N/A
Test 61 Feb-11-19