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10th Amendment Echo 101 Jun-29-18
disABLED Users Information Exchange. 60 Oct-21-18
AdeptXBBS Sysop-Only Help and Discussion 15 Oct-17-18
The International AFTERSHOCK Android Cli 0 N/A
Alaska Off Topic Chatter 48 Oct-13-18
Allfix File Announce Conference 1015 Oct-22-18
I'ntl ALLFIX Support 211 Jul-29-18
Politics Unlimited 1000 Oct-21-18
[GNG] Gated, Filtered newsgroup alt.bbs. 0 N/A
[GNG] Gated, Filtered alt.comp.anti-viru 0 N/A
Amiga International Echo 371 Oct-03-18
Anti-Virus Discussion & News 373 Oct-22-18
Fidonet Antiques And Vintage Collections 953 Oct-12-18
Fishkeeping, fresh and marine tank 10 May-18-17
Argus Support Echo 59 Apr-29-18
ARROWBRIDGE Doorgame by Mark Sinclair 51 Sep-01-18
TimEd, NetMgr, WIMM Support Conference 133 Oct-19-18
International chat echo - members on 6 c 1004 Oct-21-18
Automotive 173 Sep-02-18
[GNG] Babylon 5 Discussions. 254 Sep-06-18
Odyssey Fringe Science Research Echo 548 Oct-09-18
Batch Language Programming 52 Oct-15-18
The International BBBS Support Echo 663 Oct-21-18
Support Echo for 0 N/A
ADVERTISE and Promote YOUR BBS! 1012 Oct-22-18
BBS Software Chatter 1000 Oct-16-18
The BBS Promotion "Team" Join Us! 1005 Oct-22-18
DOS/Win/OS2/Unix Internet BBS Applicatio 69 Jul-23-18
International Bible Conference 56 Oct-04-18
The ubiquitous BinkD TCP/IP FTN mailer 1000 Oct-20-18
BinkleyTerm Mailer Echo 35 Apr-18-17
Blue Wave Mail System Support Echo 161 Oct-04-18
The Cats_Meow Sanity Check Echo 127 Jun-11-18
Commodore Computer Conference 1002 Oct-22-18
Commercial for Sale Echo 82 Oct-10-18
Classic Computers 244 Oct-22-18
Gossip and chit-chat echo 481 Jul-30-18
Communications Echo 59 May-31-18
Conspiracy Discussions 75 Oct-22-18
Controversial Topics, current events, at 19 Sep-11-16
National Cooking Echo 1050 Oct-22-18
[GNG] Bead Work and Jewelry Making 0 N/A
Politics and Current Events 10 Jan-23-17
Malware, Trojan, Virus & Rogue App Discu 0 N/A
Dads 317 Sep-21-18
D'Bridge Support Echo 1009 Oct-22-18
DEBATE Conference 299 Jul-23-18
International Dog Lovers Echomail Confer 53 Sep-19-18
DOOM (and other 3D games) discussion and 81 Sep-23-18
BBS Doorgames and discussions 125 Aug-27-18
General discussion on Disk Operating Sys 25 May-22-17
DOS/BBS Internet Applications: KA9Q, SLI 19 Jan-25-17
Ezycom BBS Support for Sysop's 153 Mar-13-17
Ezycom Sysop Conference 38 Aug-01-16
Ezycom 3rd Party Utilities 0 N/A
Advertise FidoNet Echos Here - New - Exi 1000 Oct-20-18
[ADM] EchoList Access Conference 1000 Oct-17-18
Moderator Tools And Techniques 0 N/A
End Times - Mystery Babylon and the Beas 2 Dec-24-16
[ADM] ELIST Conference 1000 Oct-21-18
emergency and disaster communications by 0 N/A
English Tutoring for Students of the Eng 1001 Oct-22-18
Enthral BBS Support Echo 0 N/A
Espomen, American Mensa Mensperanto SIG. 0 N/A
Earth & Space Sci-Tech + NASA 1004 Oct-22-18
FrontDoor/TosScan Support Conference 316 Oct-06-18
File Distribution Networks Files, Info, 1015 Oct-22-18
The FastEcho Mailprocessor Support Confe 145 Jul-17-18
FidoGazette: An Alternative Newsletter 1000 Oct-20-18
[ADM] FidoNews Discussion Echo 1007 Oct-21-18
General discussion on Husky Software 907 Oct-11-18
Announce files in this conference 1029 Oct-22-18
The International FIDO SYSOP Conference 1000 Oct-09-18
Fidonet Related SysOp Utils and Apps Dis 106 Mar-13-17
Fidonet TEST echo and malfunction confer 1007 Oct-22-18
ALLFIX International FILEFIND Echo 248 Aug-27-18
IFDC FileGate Project(sm) International 264 Oct-19-18
International Super Mario Flash Game Ech 0 N/A
FMAIL SUPPORT 1000 Oct-01-18
[ADM] FidoNet Sysops 1027 Oct-22-18
[ADM] FTSC Public Echo 1000 Oct-02-18
FUNNY Jokes and Stories 740 Mar-06-18
I'ntl GEcho Support 53 Oct-25-16
GoldED Public Release discussion. 584 Oct-12-18
Guitar/Bass Guitar Topics 77 Sep-01-18
Discussing the PRO's and CON's of gun co 72 May-25-18
Amateur Radio Interest 1000 Sep-28-18
Amateur(HAM) Radio TECHnical Conference 84 Oct-11-18
Religion Debate Echo 56 Jun-26-18
Home Cooking and Related Topics 1080 Oct-22-18
The International HOTDOGED Feed Provider 0 N/A
InterBBS Games 124 Apr-01-18
Discussion about the Internet. 1000 Sep-01-18
Internet Rex (FTN <=> Internet) Public S 242 Jun-22-18
Support Echo For JAMNNTPD NNTP Server. 0 N/A
Jazz Music & Musicians 0 N/A
The International JNODE Echo. 0 N/A
Linux BBSing 269 Oct-01-18
Linux operating system (OS), a Unix vari 1002 Oct-22-18
The Ubuntu Linux Distribution Discussion 76 Jul-03-18
Sound reinforcement tools & techniques 9 May-17-18
L.O.R.D. Door Game Discussion 83 Jan-12-18
Bulletins from the ARRL 1000 Sep-11-18
MakeNL Next Generation. 552 Oct-19-18
The Mad Dog Matzdobre Echo 7 Apr-14-17
The Linux/FreeBSD MBSE BBS Support Echo 821 Oct-16-18
NOSTALGIA 1005 Oct-22-18
e-Ministries Devotions. 0 N/A
Major League Baseball 8 Sep-04-18
Monty Python Conference 7 Jul-11-18
Movies & TV Discussion 609 Oct-14-18
Maximus BBS Discussion And Support. 68 Sep-01-18
Discussion and chat about the Mystic BBS 1002 Oct-22-18
Fidonet Network Development 144 Sep-01-18
National Football League scores, discuss 19 Oct-08-18
The National Hockey League Discussion Ec 1000 Oct-13-18
Support For OS/2-Based BBS Software 89 Oct-22-18
DOS-Based BBS on OS/2 74 Sep-01-18
OS/2: DOS and Windows applications 53 Sep-01-18
Fidonet International OS/2 Conference 261 Sep-01-18
OS2 HARDWARE mailing list gated from e-g 58 Sep-01-18
The FidoNet OS/2 Programming Echo 50 Sep-01-18
The FidoNet OS2REXX Echo 39 Sep-01-18
OS2 User mailing list gated from e-group 110 Sep-14-18
OtherNets: Information on Networks other 1001 Oct-22-18
Pascal Programming Lessons 112 Sep-01-18
Pascal 184 Oct-01-18
PCBoard Support directly from Clark Deve 135 Sep-01-18
Perl programming languange 13 Jul-04-17
Public-Key Distribution Echo 152 Sep-01-18
Point usage discussion and systems suppo 202 Oct-12-18
Political Disorder Discussion Area 25 Aug-29-17
Politically Incorrect 36 Oct-20-18
Political Discussions 717 Oct-22-18
PRISM Chat Echo 0 N/A
Public-Key Discussion Echo 116 Sep-01-18
32Bit RemoteAccess Discussion Echo 43 Sep-01-18
RemoteAccess Multi-Node Sysops Echo 46 Sep-01-18
RemoteAccess Support Echo 269 Sep-13-18
RemoteAccess Utilities Echo 90 Sep-01-18
Intl Conf To Discuss the RASBERRY PI CPU 0 N/A
Renegade Software Discussion Area 46 Oct-08-18
An outlet for the horror stories of Reta 38 Jun-23-18
Learn Russian by example 19 Sep-05-17
Slackware Linux Support And Discussion 0 N/A
ShareWare Software Support Conference 1006 Oct-22-18
Global Spitfire BBS Support Echo 12 Jul-24-18
Echomail Stats & Info 1016 Oct-22-18
Cancer/Leukemia/blood & immuune system/c 357 Sep-27-18
Shortwave Listening 0 N/A
Synchronet Distributed Databases 1043 Oct-22-18
Synchronet Discussion 1023 Oct-22-18
Synchronet Multinode BBS Software Suppor 1003 Oct-22-18
The Tagline Collectors Echo 464 Sep-18-18
OS/2 User Groups and Promotion 421 Sep-26-18
Terminate, The Final Terminal, Global su 35 Dec-22-17
Telegard BBS Support 39 Apr-11-18
Tornado BBS Software Support Echo 0 N/A
Star Trek General Discussions 394 May-31-18
Squish EchoMail Tosser, Help & Support 75 Sep-01-18
Linux And Related Batch Scripting 0 N/A
Virtual Advanced BBS Support Echo 54 Jun-22-18
News direct from the Vatican Information 351 Sep-25-18
National Weather Network 1050 Oct-22-18
The Int'l Doctor Who and British SF TV C 84 May-13-18
WILDCAT! BBS Software Support 637 Oct-22-18
Windows95 1000 Jul-21-18
Microsoft Windows International Echo 375 Aug-27-18
Weather Talk, weather discussion, report 164 Apr-18-16
IOS Programming (OSX, IPad, IPhone) 0 N/A
Yahoo Headline News (Aged RSS updates) 2 Feb-01-17
[ADM] Zone One Mail Backbone - Users 206 Oct-20-18
[ADM] Fidonet Zone 1 Election Conference 382 Jul-20-18
[ADM] Zone 1 Coordinator Contact Confere 1000 Oct-13-18
[ADM] Zone 1 Echo Routed Netmail Discuss 25 Feb-13-17
[ADM] Zone One Echomail Coordinator 29 Apr-10-18